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Croft Apiaries

Bishop Norton, LN8 2BE

Telephone: 01673 818711

Mobile: 07944 173 730

Email: info@croftapiaries.co.uk

VAT Reg No. 847 5846 76

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Set Lincolnshire Honey 340gm
Multifloral honey

£3.90 (OR 3 JARS FOR £11.00)

Honey with added Stem Ginger 227gm

Lovely on toast or makes a healthy hot drink. 1 tsp diluted in a mug.

£3.30 (OR 4 JARS FOR £12.40)

Set Honey Tub 1.35kg
Multifloral honey

Ideal for all your family and cookery requirements.


Runny Honey Tub 1.35kg
Ideal for family use


Yorkshire Moors Honey Tub 1.35kg

The champagne of English honey.


Cut Honey Comb (min weight 227gm)

The natural way to eat your honey.

£4.30 (OR 3 FOR £12.00)

Squeezy Honey 350gm

A non-drip easy squeeze bottle ideal for kids large and small.

£3.90 (OR 4 BOTTLES FOR £15)

Honey, marmalade, and mustard are also available in glass jars, however the glass will substantially increase the postage cost.  Please enquire for more information, alternatively you can order and collect from the markets and events we attend.  Please see the diary on our home page for event details.


Multi-Floral Raw Honey Tub 1.35kg

Our RAW HONEY is produced from the local fields, trees & hedgerows. The honey is extracted in the normal manner by spinning the frames that hold the honey, which is then placed into a settling tank for 36/48 hrs. In this time all the excess air and debris, ie wax, rises to the top of the settling tank. The honey is then run into 1.36kg tubs from the base of the tank, thus ensuring clean honey.  At no stage in the process is the honey heated, strained or filtered. The honey self-sets and is smooth.



3 Jars for £11



Pure Pollen (100gm)

Pollen is collected from the bees throughout the year, causing no harm to the bees.  We collect pollen daily and it’s then dried which preserves the pollen.  Pollen is considered one of nature’s most completely nourishing super foods.  It contains nearly all nutrients required by humans and has a high protein value.  Pollen can be sprinkled on your breakfast cereal, eaten with fruit or added to smoothies. There are many benefits to eating a little pollen.